What if God told you who you are?
That in Him there is no condemnation.
No judgement.
No rejection.
What if God told you that He loves you?
That He will never stop loving you.
What if God told you that He doesn’t keep a log of past offenses?
Of how little you pray.
Or how often you disappoint Him.
What if God told you that you are righteous?
Because of His righteousness.
Right now.
What if He told you to stop beating yourself up?
That His Grace for you abounds.
Even when you think the most horrible thoughts.
Because you are already made in His image.
What if He told you
That if you repent
And if He’s your savior
You’re going to Heaven.
No matter what.
What would your life look like then?
If you stop trying so hard.
And just let God live his life for you.
Through Jesus Christ
Our Savior.
We are loved
We are saved
Now let’s live it like we know it!